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Horse Arenas


We build and renew horse arenas with premium material (sand) recommended by experts. The arena shall be adapted to your requirements and the needs of your horses.

If necessary, we prepare the base and make the dig.


We shall cooperate with you to prepare a mixture (sand), which would be in your opinion the best for your horses. Horses combine in themselves an endless power and joy for movement, which often represents a big effort for their muscle system. Accordingly, the most important factor for their optimum performance is a high-quality base in the arena. The material should be adapted to the requirements of the arena and provide ideal conditions for work at the same time.


Our sand has been recognised to provide high quality in different weather conditions, since the grounds are stable, flexible and elastic, in order to support the functioning of the muscle system, protect the joints and prevent tendon injuries.


The grounds are suitable for release, exercises and professional training of horses.


Also available in covered spaces.


We also shape the landscape if needed.

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