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International Business Cooperation


We cooperate with business partners from Croatia, Austria, England and the USA. We meet at sports grounds, seminars and training as service providers, organisers, speakers or participants. We deal with topics, which are equally important for business development and personal growth. We are mutually reminded of our life priorities. Furthermore, we represent a motive to each other, showing that it is possible to steer between the family, business and relaxation.


We stimulate each other with words and acts, seeking new ways and developing new ideas. No idea is unachievable; we just need to find the right way, material and support. And in that field, experience and international connections are vital, since we are aware of the fact that everyone represents a piece of a mutual puzzle.


We made a contact with Rick and Holly Betenbough, who run the company Betenbough homes. Rick founded the company together with his father twenty-five years ago. For many years, the company has been listed among the Top 100 House Builders in the USA. Rick Betenbough is undeniably a person, from whom we can learn a lot about business success. More info about his company can be found at betenbough.com.

Themes of seminars and lectures:

• How to start with a small company and succeed?
• Creation of the right atmosphere in the company
• How to insist on long term as a businessman with values?
• Role of a partner and family in business life
• Whom do you serve...?

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