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TANJA BELIČ (riding instructor, national champion in hurdle jumping, club judge for dressage riding and active competitor)

"In my work with horses I always bring to the fore the well-being and health of horses, which can be provided only with the best training conditions.

I'm glad to compliment the surface in my arena, which was created by the experts of AŽU Team after previous mutual planning and design, as we managed to combine all the features of an ideal surface for horse training. It distinguishes itself by high quality in different weather conditions, since the grounds are stable, flexible and elastic, in order to support the functioning of the muscle system, protect the joints and prevent tendon injuries, while our horses are immensely happy to move and work.

It is a fact that surfaces in arenas differ and I'm happy to be able to train horses on an ideal surface. I'd like to thank AŽU Team for their professional approach to work."

MILOJKA PEČENKO (Organiser of health, hygiene regime and food in nursery school Trnovo)

"We hire the company AŽU team to take care of the playgrounds of our nursery schools. Their work is performed with quality, fast response in case of a problem, and we mutually find satisfactory solutions."

STEVE TELZEROW (golf player; handicap: 5)

"The difference between a good and a better player depends on the fact, who is able to get the ball in the hole with two strokes. When it comes to this particular part of your exercise, you don't need to drive to the golf course any more. You can do it in your garden!

Aleš's innovation of the green and chipping area can reduce your handicap in a decently short period. Golf players practise at home in all parts of the USA. Now, this is also possible for all players in Slovenia, who wish to improve their result. I had an advantage to grow up just opposite to a golf course and I'm aware of the importance of everyday training."

UROŠ ZVONC (HND GCM Zeleni Inženiring - Green Enginnering)

"Silica sand (mp mix or mp 50), which is used for garden lawns as well as for football and other sports grounds has shown excellent results due to its natural features. Water can penetate through, it accelerates the circulation of air and protects the meristem, which is the key benefit of sand application. At the same time it levels the surface, which gets a perfect appearance.

The use of silica sand on grass surfaces provides a shaped and aesthetic appearance, since it guarantees a green cover, which is highly resistant to trudging and protected from mud, which is vital and very important for lawns and sports grounds."

OLGA KOLAR, M.A. (Headmistress of Oskar Kovačič primary school)

"Since the school grounds next to the Krim sports hall were obsolete and untidy, we decided in 2009 to renew the circular running track and the track with the long jump pit. We hired the company AŽU Team to perform the works. We appreciate professional guidelines and proposals of the contractor; their work was correctly and accurately performed in accordance with out agreement."

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