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Schools and Nursery Schools


Together with our experts we improved the sand for children's sandpits, which is safer, softer and more suitable for shaping. We obtained for it a NEW and VERY ACCURATE CERTIFICATE, proving suitability of the sand for children's play.

We have also completed the training for INSPECTORS OF CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUNDS – SAFETY OF CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUNDS. We inspect the children's playground and equipment, provide advice and remedy any eventual deficiencies.


We prepare and renew running tracks, long jump pits and the surroundings of school playgrounds.

In nursery schools we replace the sand in sandpits, prepare the grounds under the playground equipment in compliance with the European standards, transform the surroundings and fix, renew or produce tailor-made playground equipment.

At the same time we take care of the garden, lawn, renewal of the existing playground equipment. We can also arrange the maintenance works for your playground.


We remove the old sand, lay the protective layer if needed and add new sand.
The sand is natural, washed and health and hygiene compliant – we prove that with our own accurate CERTIFICATE. We remove the old sand from the existing surface and deliver new sand. Thus, children can continue playing in their sandpits without any worries. If necessary, we renew the sandpit, protect its edge or create a new one in accordance with the needs and the European standards.



We perform our work in compliance with the European standards and the Regulations on minimum technical requirements for space and equipment of nursery schools (Official Gazette of RS, No. 73/00, 75/05 in 33/08), which are consistent with the recommendations of the Guidelines for a Safe Children's Playground, the translation and publication of which was provided by the Ministry of Economy of the RS, Trade Inspection of the RS and Health Inspector of the RS.
Safe base under external playground equipment is prepared in compliance with the standard SIST EN 1177.

We are obliged to take care of safe children's play. This also refers to the base under the playground equipment. We create a safe base compliant with the standards, adapting it to the field and your preferences. We create all types of bases; sand, rubber, wood chips, cut grass, etc; considering the safety research, we mostly recommend the sand of size 4-8.



We renew the existing playground equipment or adapt it to be compliant with the European standards. In cooperation with you we find innovative solutions.




We renew your running track and prepare it for quality sports activities. In addition to tennisit, you can also choose plastics, cut grass ...

If you use an external LONG JUM PIT, we can replace the old sand with new. If necessary we make a frame and organise the surroundings.


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